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Sydney Bushfire Sprinklers is a leading provider of bushfire protection systems in Australia. With 20 plus years of experience in the industry, they have been providing reliable, cost-effective solutions to help protect homes, businesses and other properties from the dangers of bushfires.

Automated Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

Automated bushfire sprinkler systems are a cost-effective way to protect properties from the dangers of bushfires. By using a combination of sensors and sprinkler systems, these systems can detect and respond to the presence of bushfires before they become uncontrollable and cause significant damage.

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Roof Top Sprinkler Systems

Bushfire roof top sprinklers are an innovative new way to protect your home from bushfires. These sprinklers are designed to be placed on your roof and spray water over your roof and on the sides of your home. This will help to keep your home cool and reduce the risk of a bushfire spreading to your property.

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External Sprinkler Systems

Bushfire external sprinklers are the perfect solution for protecting your property from the threat of bushfires. These sprinklers are designed to detect and extinguish bushfires quickly and efficiently, helping to prevent the spread of fire and minimize damage.

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Testing & Maintenance

Testing & maintenance is vital to ensure the performance of your bushfire sprinkler system. We recommend that your bushfire sprinkler systems is services 4 times per year to ensure that they systems is fully operational when it matters most

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Window Drenchers

Sydney Bushfire Sprinklers Window Drenchers are a revolutionary way to protect your home from bushfires. Our custom designed system works by supplying your windows with a steady stream of water from the sprinklers, allowing them to be drenched in the event of a bushfire.

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Free Standing Water Sprayers

Sydney Bushfire Sprinklers provide the ultimate protection for your home and property from bushfires. Our free-standing water sprayers are designed to provide maximum coverage and fire protection in the event of a bushfire.

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Water Tanks

Sydney Bushfire Sprinklers water tanks are an essential part of keeping your home safe from bushfire risk. They are designed to be your first line of defense against bushfires, providing you with a reliable source of water to help you fight back against the flames.

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Bushfire Pumps

Bushfire fire pumps are designed to provide superior fire fighting performance in bushfire prone areas. They are designed to deliver high-pressure water to quickly and effectively contain and extinguish bushfires. These pumps are ideal for tackling bushfires in rural, remote and even urban areas. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them the ideal choice for fire fighters.

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Hoses & Coupings

Bushfire hoses and couplings are essential pieces of equipment for those fighting bush and grass fires. They provide a steady supply of water and help to ensure that firefighters have the resources needed to extinguish flames quickly and safely.

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